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2024 the werewolf game.


revamped interpretation - illustrated cards.

an assignment for my students. the cards served as a showcase model.

Antelope, wedding rings, two children, Pisco Sour, hiking boots

2023 fabric design for a wedding jacket - lining.

motifs that connect the wedding couple.

illustration of a girl, thingking about different things

2023 christmas card

for cup of color

illustration heart with flowers, bird
illustration pomegranate, flower
Hand with pear, Hand mit Brine

hope square (an advents calendar)

digital art

for cup of color ngo

limited edition a4 prints für chf 120 (per piece/pro stück)

surf magazin illustration
illustration bus, surfboard, bike, backpack, fire place
Surf, skate, and snowboard community

für waveup cration ag

to explain how versatile the company is

Lung with flowers, illustration

hope poster, part of a public campagne,

digital art

für cup of color ngo

limited edition, a4print for 120 chf

birth announcement, birds, flowers ink
birth announcement, boat, ship, whale, mermaid, binoculars, compass, shell, lantern

birth announcements

a3, ink

for charlotte, frédéric,

christoph and anna

illustration of a shoe, curl, mountain, chestnut, white teeth, leg hair removal, tea, a glass of wine, wave

goodbye postcards

a 8 ink

for vivienne,

schweiz tourismus

Moving gift and parcel
illustration grossmünster in zürich

digital art - instagram

for zueri artvent

girl with a pullover
girl with bag, looking for keys, ink
girl with bag


a6, ink


libelle, dragonfly, ink


a 6, ink

itchhiking and astronaut, ink

take me 2 the moon

and back, ink

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